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Our technology is already flying:
Prosegur introduces the first autonomous surveillance drone for indoor

Prosegur has shown the first autonomous surveillance drone for indoors on the fifth edition of “Prosegur Soluciones Integrales” at the World Trade Center of Barcelona last fifth of November. A drone has been developed by us for the project DroneService.

This project promotes a new surveillance model. An evolution for the traditional services for home automation and video surveillance systems, which use closed-circuits television to check homes and business premises. The first notable difference from this technology is that it allows the usage of these drones for patrolling inside buildings.

This surveillance system makes use of one or many drones with their recharging stations. Each one of these drones executes its own patrol route and then goes back to the charging station to recharge. While doing the surveillance, the drone records and streams real-time video, and sends notifications alerts to the security central station. These drones can also detect and avoid new obstacles in their route and respond accordingly to these events

This project sets a challenging milestone for Avansig, and it sure was challenging!. Today, all of us who participated in the project are excited to finally reached that goal and want to share our excitement with you. We would like to express our gratitude to Prosegur for having put their trust in us to innovate.

Starting new challenges is a hard decision full of new handicaps. Innovating is an extremely demanding process, but you really know the effort meant something once you finish the project.

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