The ICT Cluster gives us the Innovation Award

Last October 29th, the awards ceremony of the Galicia ICT Cluster Awards 2015 was held inside the City of Culture of Galicia of Santiago de Compostela.
Avansig (Innovation), Quobis (Internationalization), Altia (Leadership ICT) Brookesia Design and Technologies (StartUp) and Igalia (Open Software) were the winners of these awards, which recognized the work of all those agents committed to development the productive sector based on the information society and have on innovation and the use of new technologies its raison d’etre.


We received the award for innovation for DroneService project, developed in collaboration with the company Prosegur. This is a security system based on drones capable of carrying out patrols inside buildings completely autonomously.

It is an evolution of the traditional services of home automation and video surveillance, where video circuits are used to control households or establishments. The main difference introduced by the DroneService platform is a surveillance drone of small dimensions, which is able to patrol indoors. For this project we had to achieve a new technological advance, indoor autonomous navigation.

In this project, an important innovation was reached: Developing a drone capable of localizing and guiding itself indoors by a laser scanner . This project introduces a new solution based on state of the art technology which makes available systems of surveillance, supervision and control dynamic and flexible in the security business.

From Avansig we want to thank the ICT Cluster Galicia granting this award and congratulate all of the other participants for the high quality of the projects submitted that undoubtedly put Galicia as a benchmark in the international ICT sector companies.