Smart Drones

Nowadays, drones are used in different fields like cartography, agriculture or filming. But in all this cases, they are piloted by humans. The next step with drone technology is to develop autonomous machines with capabilities to sense and respond to the environment. Know our technology, that will allow you to use drones to perform tasks too dangerous, remote or systematic in a fully autonomous way.

Let them fly for you


The location of your commercial premises is a strategic decision for the business success. Not all locations are equal. Our geomarketing service assist you on this decision and gives you information about your business location : where and how many customers you will have, what will be your competition there, what will be the expected performance…

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The GIS provide you capabilities to manage, analyze and serve large volumes of information with a spatial component. Increase the value of your data using powerful tools of territorial analysis. Publish and share your information through intuitive interactive maps. Our GIS services include systems integration, application development also configuration and customization of existing free software to adapt to your needs.

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