foto del grupo de trabajo de SINDA

SINDA Project : Deployment of a fleet of autonomous drones for indoor locations

On the occasion of the audit of the SINDA Project, conducted on July 11th, a fleet of three smart drones that are able to navigate autonomously inside buildings has been deployed. The deployment scenario has been the logistics center of the company Prosegur, located in Poligono de A Grela.

Up to now, UAV applications have always been restricted to outdoor locations since the connectivity to the Global Positioning System, GPS is available (the drone determines its position using at least three satellites within the network). However, in indoor locations, GPS is very weak or does not simply exist. For this reason, indoor navigation for UAVs represents the main technological challenge that has been solved through this project. We have developed a navigation system for indoor locations based on 3D vision.

SINDA (Indoor surveillance system using autonomous drones based on Artificial Vision) was an R&D Project developed in the framework of the FEDER Innterconecta 2015 Programme (proyecto ITC-20151329) and funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial  Technology  (CDTI).

The consortium of SINDA Project, formed by the companies Prosegur SISAeromedia UAVEgatel and Avansig, and CITIC and Gradiant technology centers, has developed a surveillance system for indoor locations based on small size drones. These drones are able to perform patrols inside buildings completely autonomously. 


The deployment has been a real success. The drones performed surveillance routes completely autonomously. They were capable of moving into different rooms, generating  3D models of the environment while detecting and avoiding obstacles, and sending the data collected in real time to the control application. At the end of each route they landed with accuracy on their respective platforms. One of the platforms was equipped with an autonomous load system that allows the charge of the batteries of the dron to restart the service.

It is the first time this technology has gone so far. We congratulate all the partners of SINDA consortium for this great achievement.