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We are happy to announce our prize: Avansig wins in the Smart Mobility section in the South Summit Innovation Event 2017.

Avansig SmartDrones is based on autonomous smart drones that patrol inside buildings with high accuracy. The objective is to automate tasks indoors (automatic stock control, inspection of big structures, monitoring of industrial processes, physical surveillance,…)

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Alberto López (Head of Innovation of Ferrovial) affords the prize to the best startup in Smart Mobility, Avansig, represented by María Merlán (Head of R&D department).

We want to thank María Benjumea and her team for this initiative and the visibility that offers to start ups (in the start-up phase or early growth). This contributes to strengthen the Spanish entrepreneur ecosystem, which is needed for international competition. We also thank Spainstartup for the kindness and support during the whole process.

Finally, we express our gratitude for jury of the Smart Mobility section for giving us this great opportunity and for recognizing our work.


on the road again

Right now we are on the road to the South Summit 2017 event. As you know, after a long selection process, this summer the South Summit has distinguished us among the 100 most innovative startups 🏅 😀  and we are invited to participate in this congress.

Well, there we go! This week we are out outsiders. We will be in Madrid to introduce ourselves, to show our technology, to contact companies and investors and to take part in the startup competition. The South Summit is the model event where startups  -like us- meet international investors and companies that are interested in improving through innovation.

Stay tuned to the twitter, we will tell you how it goes.

Avansig presentation

We recently attended the Info Day and Brokerage Event about the calls for proposals “Secure Societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens” in lined with the social goals of the Europe 2020 strategy.

The first in Madrid on January 17 was organized by the CDTI (the Center for Industrial Technological Development of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness from Spain). And the second took place in Brussels between 6 and 7 March and it was organized by SEREN3 (Network of National Contact Points of Secure Societies), a consortium in which the CDTI is also integrated.

Both days help us to provide guidance to align our technology and projects with the cross-cutting objectives of research and innovation of Horizon 2020. In this events the procedural and legal details were itemized, as well as the content and objectives of the main topics: Critical Infrastructure Protection; Disaster Resilience: Safeguarding and securing society; Fight Against Crime and Terrorism; Border Security and External Security; General Matters on Security; Digital Security.

At the Brussels event, we also had the opportunity to present our Smart Drones technology to the public and meet with various business leaders, institutions and organizations in the security sector. What opportunity!

We return satisfied with new objectives and applications, new collaborators and new fields to continue innovating.

Sala demostración Avansig

The IV Jornadas sobre Seguridad, Defensa, Tecnologías Matemáticas y Computacionales (4th Conference on Security, Defense, Mathematical and Computational Technologies) took place on 3 and 4 November at the Center for Research Center on Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC). In this symposium we were able to expose our experience and technology. And also discover the contributions of ICT researchers, the needs and advances of institutions and agencies linked to the safeguard of the population.

We would like to thank CESEDEN, CITIC and ITMATI, the M²nica research group and the UDC for inviting us to participate in these conferences.

You can access the full program of the conference, press releases (1 y 2) and media impact  (1 y 2) from the CITIC website.


The jury V Premios AJE Galicia (5th Young Entrepreneur Award of Galicia) has distinguished us with the second award for Innovation 2015, during the gala held on February 4th in Lugo. These awards, that was organized by the Galician Federation of Youngs Entrepreneurs (AJE Galicia), distinguish business initiatives that help to create prosperity and employment in Galicia. Being one of the 5 companies awarded among the 23 finalists and foremost mentions in the category of Innovation is a double satisfaction.
Thanks to AJE Galicia by this distinction and congratulations to the other winners.

You can see the contest rules, the video gala and some news on the following links:

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The Dirección General de Innovación y Competitividad, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad of the Government of Spain has distinguished us as an innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise. This recognition is an important remark not only because gives credit to our well done work; it also prioritizes our brand to our costumers as well at the new R&T initiatives of EUROPE 2020.

SMEs Innovative 2018 seal

So, why innovation? Some european reports, like ERAC Peer Review of the Spanish Research and Innovation System of European Commision for example tell:

“It is clear that Spain’s R&I system needs increased resources but these must go hand in hand with structural reform for a more efficient and effective use of public investment. This will ensure a faster and more sustainable recovery for the Spanish economy. The additional resources should be used exclusively to incentivise reform.”

This statement remarks the lack of the support to R&D and the minimal amount of innovative SMEs located in Spain (SMEs that fulfil the demand of technology and innovation which guarantee a sustainable evolution to the economy system in Spain). Our company mission always is focused by this idea: assist companies in their technological growth through innovation.

Supporting innovation is profitable for everyone.

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The past 20th of November, “Fundación Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones de Galicia” was established in an opening ceremony. We’re proud to be a part of this foundation at its beginning, but it is also a responsibility. Being a link between university and business or promoting R&T has always meant something more than just speeches in memorandums, so get involved as patrons was an inescapable responsibility and even more here where we were born.
was an unavoidable responsibility for us, even more in this place where our company was born.

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