Smart Drones

The revolutionary technology for fully autonomous drones

Indoor navigation

Do not limit the use of the drone technology to outdoor environments. We research and develop positioning algorithms that allow drones to locate themselves in indoor environments, without GPS, and with a high level accuracy (location errors under 5 cms.). We use different techniques for indoor positioning: scanner laser and reference cartography, triangulation with active beacons or 3d artificial vision. Just choose the best option to your concrete case.

Navigation system demonstration

Flight example

Exploration and 3D mapping

Smart drones with onboard artifical vision cameras allow the exploration and 3D mapping (SLAM) of unknown buildings (infrastructures, tunnels or galeries). Smart drones can be used to perform exploration tasks in modified or destroyed buildings caused by a catastrophe or a explosion.


Obstacle detection and avoidance

Rely in smart drones. Our technology allows drones to sense obstacles and react in time to avoid collisions. This feature enables the application of the drone technology to perform tasks in a fully autonomous way also in a critical environmental and with adverse conditions. The smart drones are able to respond to unforeseen situations and continue working for themselves.

Real time communication

Our technology allows you to send orders or take the manual control of the drone at any moment. Also, allow you to receive information of sensors, telemetry and real time video. All these features enable the interaction human-machine during the tasks that require monitoring and control during its execution.


Automated remote charging

Smart Drones are integrated with Charging Stations that enable unattended drone tasks for long periods of time. Deploy your smart drone in a remote location and activate it from its charge station though Internet to perform a concrete task. The drone will return to the charge station to fill its batteries and after that it will continue with the programmed job.

Integration and Control Platform

View, query and analyze all information gathered by the sensors and cameras of your smart drone. And do it from anywhere and through different devices. Our integration and control platform provides you a web application to operate and exploit the drones in real time.


Black box for activity log

Keep registered all the actions taken by the drone during the tasks. Even if you lose connection with a smart drone, its system records all the captured information into a black box. When the drone finish its task and returns to the charging station, then it downloads all the information for allow you to see it.