dron SINDA

SINDA the final sprint

SINDA is the project that has occupied us for more than a year and will soon end. It’s an R&D project, where we collaborate with Prosegur SIS S.L., Aeromedia UAV S.L. And Egatel S.L., to develop a functional drone prototype for indoor surveillance patrols.

To carry out the project, we integrate several ad hoc technologies, which they have been developed by every one of us:

  • A frame, a multi-rotor device to embark all the proyects needs;
  • A charging base for unassisted power supply;
  • An autonomous navigation system based on artificial vision for the detection and avoidance of obstacles;
  • A robust, reliable and secure communication system;
  • An integrated video transmission system for remote control centers.

Currently, we are at the final stage of the project, we are happy to say that the functional prototype corresponds with the required specifications. Furthermore we would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the role of all our project partners.

While we’re waiting to push the package over the final hurdles, enabling it to succeed, we show you some videos of the test campaign of the prototype.




desmontaje dron SINDA
Setting up the SINDA proptotype
Prototipo dron SINDA
Siso’s installing the navigation software