Location makes the difference

Locate your clients

Our marketing services provide information about the spatial distribution of the population and the their displacements in day-to-day. This information is completed with age, gender and socioeconomic data, will allow you microsegment the market and the optimus localation for you news commercial premises.

Identify and measure your competence

Where is located your competence? And, how does it affect to your potential market?  Avansig geomarketing services allow you to characterize your competitors and their influence areas. You can avoid saturated areas and identid find the best opportunity sites for your business.


Transform your data into strategic information

Your commercials locations, your customers and your billing information is a key to understanding the dynamics of your business. We normalize and geolocalize your data for you to identify areas of greatest market penetration, optimize marketing campaigns and make decisions about new openings, relocations or simply improve your offer.

Make projections of return on new business premises

Extract conclusions from your current business centers and projects its pointers over new locations. Do not risk your investment before to measuring it. Our geomarketing services estimate performance for your next business centers. Find the optimal location based your results in other locations and the characteristics of the new site: its demographic structure, traffic, the weight of your close competitors