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We get the seal of Innovative SME

The Dirección General de Innovación y Competitividad, Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad of the Government of Spain has distinguished us as an innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise. This recognition is an important remark not only because gives credit to our well done work; it also prioritizes our brand to our costumers as well at the new R&T initiatives of EUROPE 2020.

SMEs Innovative 2018 seal

So, why innovation? Some european reports, like ERAC Peer Review of the Spanish Research and Innovation System of European Commision for example tell:

“It is clear that Spain’s R&I system needs increased resources but these must go hand in hand with structural reform for a more efficient and effective use of public investment. This will ensure a faster and more sustainable recovery for the Spanish economy. The additional resources should be used exclusively to incentivise reform.”

This statement remarks the lack of the support to R&D and the minimal amount of innovative SMEs located in Spain (SMEs that fulfil the demand of technology and innovation which guarantee a sustainable evolution to the economy system in Spain). Our company mission always is focused by this idea: assist companies in their technological growth through innovation.

Supporting innovation is profitable for everyone.